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 Demo 1.0, Bugs & Fixes

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PostSubject: Demo 1.0, Bugs & Fixes    Sat Dec 24, 2016 11:14 am

Bug Report for Demo 1.0:

Solved issues have been crossed out.

(1) Hover text disappears for player (code error), does not timeout for others (collisions).
(2) Chat overflow on Firefox.

(3) HTML output on chat.
(4) Input = " ", should produce no output in chat.
(5) Hover text does not change if new message is outputted while current message is up.
(6) Arrow movement during typing should be prevented.
(7) Disconnect issue (player object stays in game if player is seated on disconnect).
(8 ) Chat parsing issue with character: '<'
(9) Chat background disappears when all messages are cleared from db

Things to implement (not in order):

(1) Inventory system
(2) Dropping items
(3) Attack with sword (In Progress)
(4) Mining
(5) Draw chat and HUD with canvas
(6) NPC popup
(7) Health system
(8 ) Game camera
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Demo 1.0, Bugs & Fixes
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